About Me

I have been asked by a few people about myself (what I like, who I am, etc.) so I thought I'd add this little page here. My name is Dennis Sanford, and I am 31 years old, living in Woodlynne, New Jersey (a SMALL town RIGHT outside Philadelphia). I began to follow racing when I was about 7 years old. My dad used to goto the track, and one night I asked him if I could go. I live almost within walking distance of the now defunct Garden State Park, and my dad would go on Friday and Saturday nights. He took me one Saturday night. I started out watching the thoroughbreds, as that is what my dad primarily bet. I remember betting a horse at Atlantic City Racetrack (Simulcast) called Open Shop. He was 99-1. I asked my dad to bet $2 to Place on him. Of course, he laughed and told me I was crazy. But he made the bet. Well, Open Shop finished 2nd, and paid $169.60 to Place. I was hooked. However, as fun as it was, the horses pulling the carts were catching my eye. I started watching them more, and began betting them. I became a fan of Harness Racing.

I started to follow the horses, drivers, & trainers, and started memorizing them all. I still do to this day, and Harness Racing is undoubtedly my favorite pasttime. I still attend the races every Saturday and Sunday night. But I enjoy live racing much more. I really enjoy travelling to see Racetracks I haven't been to. I have been to over 60 Racetracks, ranging from Canada down thru Virginia, over to the midwest thru Ohio, and on thru Illinois. From top of the line, 5-star tracks to the quaint, atmospheric Fairs. I enjoy the racing; following the horses, drivers, trainers, stats...all of it.

That's a small part of who I am. If you'd like to know more, feel free to contact me anytime by the e-mail link on the front page or on my Facebook page. You can also usually find me at Harrah's Philadelphia Racetrack on Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons during live racing!

- -Dennis Sanford